University of Gezira development project is the first complementary project Implemented since It’s establishment at 1975 in spite of it’s aimed the medical and agricultural sectors
The project aimed to development the educational process from two parts the first Infrastructure ( Installations and equipment) and the second part academic qualification (training and syllabus modification) and it’s consider the first project Implemented in the Higher education Institutions .


Background about the Project


The primary studies of the project started since 2003 and the University presented detailed feasibility study to the concerning authorities while the ministry of finance and national economy raise the finance by development Islamic bank – Jeddah within the program of qualification higher education Institutions during the period of April 2006.
The bank sent a group of specialists in the field of education and Finance and the delegation was held a serial of meetings with University administration on the basis of a Feasibility study for the project prepared by the University for the purpose of determination and the adoption of project components and it’s cost.
The delegation visited University campus and presents report to the bank – executive managers Council in April 2008 which the resulted on it the signing of loan agreement in 30 of August 2008.